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Do you rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

Renters are frequently faced with the decision of whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment. 

The majority of available apartments for rent are likely to be unfurnished, but there are some apartments with furnishings. There are some instances when it makes sense to rent a furnished apartment. 

Similarly, there are times when renting a furnished apartment is not a good idea. This article will discuss these scenarios to help the reader decide whether it is better to rent a furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment.

Do you rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment
Do you rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

What Does the Phrase "Furnished" Mean?

To different people, a furnished apartment may mean different things. 

Some renters expect every room in a furnished apartment to be completely furnished with every piece of furniture imaginable.

A bed, a dresser, nightstands, an alarm clock with a built-in radio, a television, stereo equipment, a DVD player, an entertainment center, a couch, coffee table, end tables, a kitchen table, and kitchen chairs are examples of typical furnishings. 

It could also include dining room furniture like a dining table, chairs, and a curial cabinet. 

Others may believe that a furnished apartment includes only the essentials, such as a bed, couch, kitchen table, and chairs. 

This effectively eliminates all electrical equipment as well as decorative furniture such as a coffee table, end tables, or nightstands.

When is it a Good Idea to Rent a Furnished Apartment?

For recent college graduates who lived on campus in a dorm room before graduation, a furnished apartment is a good option. 

These students are likely to have very little personal furniture. 

Renting a furnished apartment may be more cost-effective than purchasing enough furniture to live comfortably in the apartment in this case.

The overall cost of a furnished apartment may be higher in the long run because the renter may pay more, but those who are unable to pay a large sum of money upfront to furnish an apartment may be willing to pay this additional amount. 

These renters are unlikely to notice the impact of a slightly higher monthly rent payment, but they will certainly notice the impact of large purchases such as a bed, couch, or dining room set.

When is it a good idea to rent an unfurnished apartment?

In some cases, renting an unfurnished apartment is a good idea. This includes cases where the renter has amassed enough furniture to furnish the entire apartment. 

In this case, choosing a furnished apartment makes no sense because the renter would need to find a place to store either his furniture or the furniture provided by the apartment complex. 

The cost of storage can quickly add up. Furthermore, the renter is likely to pay a higher rent to live in a furnished apartment.

An unfurnished apartment is also a good option if the renter does not currently have any furniture but plans to purchase furniture and has already saved enough money to do so. In this case, the renter will most likely choose an unfurnished apartment and intend to go furniture shopping almost immediately after taking possession of the rental property.

Extra Furniture Storage

Renters who choose a fully furnished apartment when they already have enough furniture must decide what they will do with their furniture while staying in the rental apartment. The alternatives are basically as follows:

* Sell or give away all existing furniture.

* Keep your furniture.

* Keep the apartment's furniture in storage.

While each of the options listed above is certainly viable, the renter should seriously consider whether they want to pay additional storage fees just to rent a furnished apartment. Renters who intend to sell or donate their current furniture are not in this situation, but those who intend to store only one set of furniture should carefully consider the cost of storage.

They should also consult with the leasing agent to see if any contract provisions forbid the apartment complex from storing furniture in an offsite storage facility.