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In an Apartment How to Deal with Neighbors

One of the major drawbacks of renting an apartment is the possibility of conflict with the neighbors. While some renters may cultivate fantastic relationships with all of their neighbors and never have a disagreement with a neighbor, this is not a likely scenario.

The majority of renters have at least one instance of dissatisfaction with their neighbors.

They may or may not confront the neighbor about this issue, but it is almost certain to cause some tension in the living situation. In some cases, avoiding the problem can exacerbate it. In other cases, discussing the issue can aggravate the situation.

In an Apartment How to Deal with Neighbors
Apartment Complex

Walls as thin as paper

Although most modern apartment buildings are well-insulated, there is still a real possibility that neighbors in an apartment building will regularly hear music, television, conversation, or other noises emanating from a neighbor's apartment. This is due to the apartments' proximity to one another, as well as the common practice of having at least one shared wall between neighbors in an apartment complex. Renters should be aware of this and make every effort to avoid making noises that will be heard through the walls at night or early in the morning when others are likely to be sleeping.

Being Mindful of Others

One of the key elements that can make apartment living more bearable and less prone to conflict is a consideration for others. For example, while renters are free to listen to music in their apartment, they should limit loud music listening to daylight hours when other residents are unlikely to be sleeping.

When throwing a party in an apartment complex, residents should be mindful of their surroundings. This is significant because the renter is liable for his guests' actions. As a result, the renter must ensure that his guests do not cause any inconvenience to the residents of the apartment complex.

When You Have an Unusual Schedule

Finally, renters with unusual schedules may find it difficult to function in an apartment complex. Renters who work the night shift and sleep during the day are included, but not limited to. Because of their unusual sleeping schedule, these renters are more likely to be disturbed by other renters who assume everyone in the complex sleeps at roughly the same time.

Unfortunately, renters in this situation may have to put forth the extra effort to make their living situation bearable. While discussing the situation with the neighbors is certainly beneficial, expecting the neighbors to remain extremely quiet during daytime hours is unrealistic. During this time, many residents perform chores such as vacuuming, which can be heard in the apartment of another renter. However, asking the neighbor to do these activities in the evening is not feasible because the neighbor would likely disturb several other neighbors.

As a result, the renter with an unusual schedule is frequently required to make changes for the living situation to be workable. This may include purchasing and using earplugs while sleeping or investing in a white noise machine, which can help to drown out ambient noise and create a more conducive sleeping environment. Furthermore, the renter with an unusual schedule should make an effort to be quiet during hours when they are awake but the majority of their neighbors are most likely sleeping.