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When renting an apartment don't let the furnishings fool you

Renters who are looking at apartment complexes are frequently led to furnished models that have been tastefully decorated. Even though the furniture in these model apartments is usually very pretty, it also serves another purpose. 

The other purpose is to make the room appear larger than it is. There are decorator and furnishing techniques that can make a room in an apartment appear much larger than it is. 

When viewing model apartments, the size of the bed, the amount of furniture, and the arrangement of the furniture should all be carefully considered. 

This article will go over these three topics and provide useful information for renters looking to evaluate furnished apartments.

When renting an apartment don't let the furnishings fool you
Furnished Apartment

The Size of the Bed

The size of the bed in a model apartment is critical for evaluating the apartment. If you are unsure about the size of the bed used in the model, ask the leasing agent for clarification. This is significant because if the bed used in the model is a full-size bed and your bed is a king-size bed, it will be difficult to make assumptions about the size of the bedroom. The differences between a full-size bed and a queen-size bed may not be as noticeable, but renters should be aware that a queen bed will result in less free space in the room. If the bed in the model is not the same size as your own, take measurements to see how well your bed will fit in the room.

Is There Enough Furniture?

When viewing a furnished model, it is critical to note whether or not there is enough furniture in the room. For example, there could be a kitchen table with only two chairs instead of four. This may make the room appear larger to those viewing the apartment, but they will most likely be disappointed when they move in.

Consider the furniture in other rooms as well. A bedroom with only a bed and a nightstand, for example, will be noticeably less crowded than one with a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser. Your furniture may not be the same size as the model furniture, but there should be comparable items in each room.

Does the layout make sense?

When visiting a furnished apartment, renters should also take into account the layout of the furniture. An apartment may have all of the furniture that a renter expects to see in the room, but it may be arranged in an illogical manner. Consider the family room as an example. There may be a couch, an entertainment center, a television set, a coffee table, and two end tables, but their placement can be misleading. Most renters arrange their living room furniture in a way that allows for both conversation and television viewing. The layout of the room is somewhat unnatural if the television is not visible from any of the seating options. It is unlikely to be similar to the layout used by the renter and thus does not provide an accurate representation of how the space will likely be used.